The new Samsung S10 brings a cryptocurrency wallet

It is less than a month before the official launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S10, and as usual, some software features and design are starting to flow to the surface. These images at the end of this text reveal how the Samsung Galaxy S10 will have its own cryptocurrency wallet.

At the end of February (20 February 2019) the new Galaxy S10 cell phone line will be presented to the world. Since this is a web site about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, we will not talk too much about the cell phone itself and its specifications, but we will immediately turn to what is important to us, and this is a cryptocurrency wallet.


Gregory Blake released photographs of the new Galaxy S10 mobile phone on Twitter, showing how he has an integrated cryptocurrency wallet. It seems that Samsung believes in the future of the cryptocurrencies and this could be one of the initial steps to making the wallet a normal software app on every new cell phone.

Already on the Home screen, Samsung notes that it is a safe place to store cryptocurrency.  Nothing is written about how many cryptocurrencies will be supported, but Bitcoin and Ethereum are safe. Samsung has also facilitated the function of adding an existing wallet and switching to a new S10 mobile phone.

We just hope everything is well tested because,  in the event that Samsung makes a security default with this wallet and the vast majority of the cryptocurrencies from the wallet is stolen, this could turn out just the opposite of adoption and cause the slowdown of the cryptocurrencies entering into everyday life due to the insecurity of the user.

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