Can Brave (BAT Cryptocurrency) Destroy Google?

Although this title seems a bit crazy – Bat cryptocurrency and Brave browser in which it has been integrated into have so far attracted more than 10 million users in a short period of time. The creator of the Brave Web Browser and BAT cryptocurrency is Brendan Eich, who is also the creator of JavaScript programming language, and Mozilla Firefox web browser. This fact gives added value and security to this project and ensures that it will not disappear without public knowledge.

The purpose of Brave Browser is to create decentralized advertisements on the internet from which both the user who is looking at them and the publisher who will show them will earn money. This is exactly the opposite of what is currently a Google Adsense program focused on.

All in all, the Brave Browser and BAT token are one of the most perspective crypto projects. Everything about BAT Cryptocurrency, how does the Brave browser work, and whether Brave can destroy Google, can be found in the following text.

What is a Brave Browser?

Brave is a free and open source web browser. This means that everyone can use it, copy, study or exchange it freely in community arrangements. It’s based on Chromium, and its main features are blocking advertisements and various web site trackers, faster browsing of the Internet, and spending less mobile data.

In the future, the plan is to create a pay-to-surf business model, and that’s precisely why Brave could destroy Google.

Brave is available on MacOS, Linux, Android, and iOS devices, and the project is still in development phase, and it takes time to turn the idea into reality, but with the promising 10 million users the Brave browser counts, this is one of the most promising blockchain projects.

The Brave Software company was founded by Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript programming language and Mozilla company. The first version of the Brave Browser was released to the public at the beginning of 2016, and in July 2018, its test version was released: the pay-to-surf version.

Benefits of the Brave Browser

Here are some key advantages of the Brave Browser compared to other web browsers.Benefits of the Brave Browser:

It has an integrated Ad-blocker

The Brave Browser has an integrated Ad Blocker that blocks ads and trackers alongside the ads.

Much faster than other browsers

The Brave browser loads pages 2 times faster on your computer and up to 8 times faster on tablets or mobile phones. The Brave web browser has an integrated Ad Blocker that blocks uploading ads, and various trackers from the web site.

In the video below, you can view the Google Chrome, Brave Browser, and Mozilla Firefox loading comparison:

It’s safer than other browsers

In addition to having an ad-blocker, other services that are also included in the browser are HTTPS and blocking trackers. Of course, some other browsers also have these services. They can be installed by certain plug-ins, but it’s a much safer service if it is embedded in the original version of the browser than the one that needs to be downloaded.

What More Brave Offers?

Crypto-Friendly browser

Since the embedded MetaMask extension is integrated into the Brave Web Browser and is used to store Ethereum ERC-20 token or Ether, this browser is making cryptocurrencies more approachable to people. Additionally, it integrates the Basic Attention Token (BAT), but we will write more in detail below in this text.

It offers a new concept of advertising on the Internet

The BAT cryptocurrency is designed to decentralize and reduce the number of advertisements on the internet advertising system. That’s why it is integrated into Brave and works in a way that rewards both the publisher’s and reader’s content. This eliminates slow site loading and spending significantly more time to load spammy pop-up ads and other ad types.

Spends much less mobile data

Another feature that attracts many ordinary users is that the Brave browser consumes significantly less mobile data than other browsers that do not block advertisements and trackers.

According to some research, an average mobile Internet user in the United States pays up to $ 23 a month for downloading ads and trackers, which is $ 276 a year. Brave blocks ads and trackers, so you do not pay for them.

The Brave Browser respects your privacy

It is very important to note that the Brave browser, unlike some others, does not monitor your activity. By combining this feature with the use of a search engine such as DuckDuckGo it is possible to use the Internet anonymously.

It gives you the option to choose what you want

The Brave browser can be optimized according to your own wishes, so all of these features that we have listed above can be extinguished.


BAT cryptocurrency

BAT is a decentralized open source ad exchange platform based on Ethereum. The platform is integrated with the Brave web browser and it is not possible to use the platform from another web browser (such as Chrome or Mozilla).

Brave Payments (which used Bitcoin before) allow users to give a tip to another web site or creator of content on a platform like Youtube or Twitch by using BAT cryptocurrency.

To embed the BAT cryptocurrency into Brave browser the BAT ad implementation is used – a system that displays ads to users by using locally stored data. As a result, ad targeting is performed locally and achieves decentralization, eliminating the need to track a third party.

In the Initial Coin Offering, BAT sold a total of 1,000,000,000 BAT coins for 35M USD in just 30 seconds! Additional 500,000,000 BAT have been retained by the developer team for future promotions to adapt this platform to the world.

Try the Brave Browser!

To see how the Brave Browser works and its speed, follow the steps below and support us.

1. Download the browser at the link: CLICK HERE!

2. When you enter the browser, click enable rewards and claim 30 free BAT tokens

3. Go to

4. Choose the amount and click on send my tip – HINT: can also be set up on a monthly basis.

The Conclusion on the Brave browser and BAT Cryptocurrency

All in all, the BAT cryptocurrency that is integrated into Brave seems to be one of the few crypto projects with a highly integrated blockchain for third-party elimination and centralization. The browser is also popular because it respects user privacy, downloads faster, uses Ad Blocker to eliminate various ads, trackers, and scripts.

The Brave Browser counts more than 10 million users and it looks like one of the few crypto projects in the world that could trigger a massive adaptation of blockchain. For us, we only have positive words for this project, which DOES NOT mean that we promote investment in this project and believe that the price of BAT Cryptovalute will increase. From a technical point of view, the project is full of potentials, with an additional value at the top of it being the Brendan Eich, the CEO who created JavaScript programming language and Mozilla Firefox.


DISCLAIMER: This text, as well as any other texts of the website, is solely informative and based on it you should not make a conclusion about investing in BAT. From a technical point of view, the project is an excellent implementation of blockchain in solving Internet advertising problems and decentralization, but IT DOES NOT TELL that the BAT cryptocurrency will certainly grow. Before each investment, you should consult with some financial advisor. Cryptocurrencies are a risky investment, so never enter more than what you are willing to lose !!!

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