TOP 3 cryptocurrencies in 2019!

In the sea of ​​cryptocurrencies, it would be difficult to choose only 3 projects and claim that they are the best and most promising. Therefore, in this article, I will write about 3 very high-quality projects which I think are an excellent choice, but other similar articles will also be published and they will be about other projects worthy of your attention.  Let’s find out which “TOP 3 cryptocurrencies in 2019!” have in store for us.

Okay, first of all, we have to explain what Bitcoin is. So far you’ve been listening to a lot of heavy explanations with a lot of vague vocabulary, but check out the next paragraph …

Bitcoin explanation for those who still do not get it!

Imagine that Bitcoin is an onion and you can pay with it at the store. Sounds stupid, but well get to the point. Imagine if there were only 21 million pieces and each of them, as well as today’s money, can be divided into smaller parts. Also, all transactions are publicly visible and anyone can see the transaction. Of course, everyone stores their onions in the fridge. Every fridge is locked and no one else can open your refrigerator and steal your stuff.

This was a metaphorical explanation, and now you can imagine that there is 21 million digital onions. We’ll call each one a Bitcoin. Each is worth the same amount of money and all can be divided into smaller parts to the amount of 0.00000001 BTC. They are transmitted from man to man in a very short period of time via a network called blockchain. The name was obtained by the fact that each of the data was verified by the user and written in the public library of that blockchain. Bitcoin is stored in a digital wallet that is not controlled by any third party and no one can use it except you.

Why is having a Bitcoin a really good idea?

While everyone is focusing on what Bitcoin really is, they miss the main message: Bitcoin will become a major currency, and then we will be in full control of our money and there will be no need for brokers (like banks).

DISCLAIMER: This is a translation of a video and I doubt that Bitcoin will become the main currency in the world, if some cryptocurrency ever becomes No. 1 in the world it will need to have VERY FAST and VERY CHEAP (OR FREE) transactions.

Why are there other cryptocurrencies as well?

If you are not familiar with the market of cryptocurrencies, it is important to note that all of them are different and some use their own blockchain, and some are created on an Ethereum blockchain. The need for multiple cryptocurrencies ​​is due to the need to integrate those on various platforms, and to improve technology (faster and cheaper transactions).

Now that things are getting a little clearer, let’s move on with our talk about the top 3 cryptocurrencies.

0x protocol – ZRX cryptocurrency

More recently, the crypto world has been shaken by the news that the currency exchange has been hacked and cryptocurrencies have been taken over.  Like the recent case of the Quadriga Exchange, when the thirty-year-old owner of this Canadian exchange office suddenly passed away, he left a fortune of about 180 million Canadian dollars (135 M American) behind him, but he was the only person with the code. He allegedly died in India, a country known for sketchy deaths. Is this a modern novel by Agathe Christie or is it an amazing combination of circumstances?

Lost Cryptovalutes are worth about 26,500 BTCs, 11,000 BCHs, 11,000 BSVs, 430,000 ETHs, 200,000 LTCs, and 25,000 BTG cryptos. This seems to me the second biggest loss event after 2014 when MtGox lost 850,000 Bitcoins worth about $ 400 million (then).

It is also worth mentioning:

  • That the exchange office worked up to 30 days after his death, and no one had a wallet key?
  • That the exchange office might have had financial problems after the Canadian bank froze their funds in early 2018.
  • That the third party found no evidence that the notes of the Quadriga Exchange Exchange really exist

Okay, now with a more detailed introduction written to make the complete dummies understand why this project is prospective and offers greater security.

0x is an open protocol that allows a peer-to-peer exchange of a cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain, which eliminates the need for currency exchange and thus offers you 100% security of your cryptocurrency from one wallet to another.

The 0x protocol and the ZRX cryptocurrencies are created with the idea that the world becomes tokenized and that all kinds of values ​​in the future will be represented by tokens. In the future, you may want to buy a house and instead of writing and signing your contract, your ownership certificate will be a token safely stored on the public blockchain.

Why is that a positive thing?

Because the tokens are safe and you can guard them yourself without the need of a third party. Buy, sell and send globally with a very small fee.

An example of an 0x protocol utility:

Anita owns a house and wants to sell it. In the token world, there are two options. The first is to sell the house in a traditional way and use the help of an attorney, an accountant and some agencies that mediate when purchasing, and all that help is very expensive.

The second option is the following. She can tokenize the house and when the time comes for  Anita to sell it, she can do it simply by using smart deals. Anita gets cryptocurrencies and the buyer gets a token that proves his ownership of the home.

Eliminating third parties such as attorneys, notaries, and people of such kind, and trading with values ​​over tokens would be considerably simpler, faster and cheaper.

All this in a nutshell: The 0x protocol creates a world in which all values ​​(a house, a car …) will be tokenized and could be directly sold from person to person, making the world more transparent, effective and just.

Brave browser – BAT cryptocurrency

This one has been mentioned on our site several times, and it is currently one of the most promising blockchain projects with over 20 million users. The Brave browser integrates the BAT cryptocurrency. Just like explained it for the previous currencies,  I will explain this also on an example that does not require any technical knowledge because I think that more people will understand the meaning of these that way.

For several years now, more and more scandals have been associated with the curbing of privacy on the Internet, and Facebook has recently shaken us with the scandal where Mark Zuckerberg responded before the US Congress. It is interesting that Zuckerberg does not see any problems in having so much information about his users and he says that he needs to know everything about them so that he can show them more relevant ads, but on the other hand, he buys houses far away from people to maintain his own privacy. Are you afraid that you don’t have any privacy on the internet as well?

Everything goes around marketing and therefore Google and many other services collect as much information as they can from the users, so they can offer them more interesting ads and get the best feedback from the user.

There appears the Brave Browser!

The Brave Browser believes that the internet is overwhelmed with advertising, therefore it is being slowed down, and the company also has too much information obtained from its users. Advertising appears everywhere and makes it slow the web surfing experience. An average person on daily basis downloads around 2000 different ads and trackers daily. Yes, you read that well – every day! The average user of Browser Locks does not have these problems. You will see zero. Yes, z-e-r-o. It may sound unbelievable, but this browser has the automatically integrated AdBlocker and believes that when surfing the internet, our data should not be collected.

In addition, this software is…

… so fast that you will be able to surf the Internet and watch all of your videos in HD with all of the buffering.

Your privacy will be intact and no one will get your personal information.

The creator is Brendan Eich and he was one of the many people behind the creation of JavaScript programming language and Mozilla Firefox.

Sounds interesting? Wait, there’s more …

The Brave Browser has integrated the Basic Attention Token and its purpose is to regulate the direct flow of money between readers and creators without the need for a third party such as Google, who is a mediator between creators and advertisers on Adsense.

This is a win-win situation for everyone, from users who surf the Internet, to creators of content on the internet and those who are advertising on the internet. Although not all, big companies will not be able to get a part of the cake as postage for brokering. But that’s where the blockchain technology is going to go, right?

Briefly about the Brave Browser:

  • Brave blocks ads, various trackers and scripts, so surfing the internet is much faster and more enjoyable.
  • You will not be tracked by advertisers, so your surfing on the internet is private.
  • If you want more privacy, Brave allows you to open a private tab through the TOR, which combined with a search engine like DuckDuckGo provides anonymous internet surfing.
  • Since it is created on Chromium, it supports all Chrome extensions.
  • Brave Reward is a system that allows you to directly support creators while surfing the web and allows you to earn BAT tokens by reviewing your ads.

BAT tokens can be donated to your favorite creators, paying premium subscriptions to content, and more. If you want, you can read more about Brave here: Can Brave (BAT Cryptocurrency) Destroy Google?


Enjin Coin

The main topic in the crypto world in the last few days is certainly Enjin Coin which has achieved the greatest partnership in the history of crypto values: it has a deal with Samsung. Namely, Enjin’s wallet is integrated into the Samsung S10 mobile phone and this is the main reason for its sudden rise.  It was valued at just 3 cents and today it is already 17 cents, reaching 20 cents a penny. All this happened in just 15 days and such a great growth could not go unnoticed.

Samsung predicts the S10 model to be sold in 40 million copies, which means that 40 million people will have a wallet and will be able to pay via the cryptocurrencies through Samsung Pay.

The purpose of this cryptocurrency to become the most useful cryptocurrency in the industry is somewhat unrealistic, but not impossible. Enjin is a cryptocurrency that is related to gaming, and therefore the target audience is smaller.

That’s the main reason why it would be very difficult for it to become the main crypto value, although the above-written partnership with Samsung could expand the activity of the above mentioned and make it one of the major payment ways. Time will show, but Enjin is surely ahead of many blockchain projects due to the number of users, so it is included in the article.

NOTE: Investing in this project is currently risky because of a sudden jump and if you did not buy it before the jump it is better to wait a little longer. It is not known how big the partnership with Samsung is, and if it destroys the euphoria with the holders of this coin, it is likely to fall.

Let’s turn this into an example as well. We will take an island where 3 houses were built. One of these three houses was sold for $ 70,000, and then the value of the second two houses rises to $ 70,000. The total market cap of this island is $ 210,000, although only 70,000 have been invested in that island. Because of this, a cryptocurrency with a very large supply, in most cases does not grow for large amounts like a few bucks, because that would mean that these cryptocurrencies market caps were bigger than bitcoins.

You may wonder, why did not I mention the BNB token?

BNB token

We will not be contradictory and mention the BNB token because the first thing we talked about in the article was about not using a currency exchange service but trading directly from wallet to wallet. We can not deny that the BNB is a great choice if the market comes into a bull run, but in the long run, ZRX is a better solution for the complete elimination of the cryptocurrency exchange broker.


If an investment in Enjin is still in your head, remember the announcements of the partnership Verge Pornhub, which did not affect the XVG price and nothing spectacular happened.

Will Bitcoin grow?

Perhaps we need to reformulate the question: will Bitcoin ever again cost more than $ 20,000?

It is quite possible that it will. Over the last few months, the value of Bitcoin has stabilized somewhere around $ 4,000. In addition, there are various other crypto values in the world, which can significantly affect the creation of a new All-Time High (Bitcoin’s greatest value ever).

Reasons why Bitcoin will enter a new bull run:

  • The Samsung S10 comes with a cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Fidelity Investments plans to enter the crypto market this year, and under them exist 2.6 trillion resources.
  • Usually, a pump runs 300% before halving.
  • There are cryptocurrencies with tens of millions of users and realistic solving of today’s problems.
  • Many big companies are working on blockchain implementation in their current business.

ZRX and BAT are available at CoinBase, one of the biggest world exchanges and also easier to buy than some other currencies. Additionally, there is also where you can get a certain amount of cryptocurrency for watching short project videos. Because they are easier to buy to the public, I think that the bear market fall of them be smaller than some of the other heavily available altcoins.

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DISCLAIMER: This text, as well as any other texts of the website, is solely informative and based on it you should not make a conclusion about investing in cryptocurrencies. From a technical point of view, these projects are an excellent implementation of blockchain in solving problems, but IT DOES NOT TELL that investing in this 3 cryptocurrency will certainly grow. Before each investment, you should consult with some financial advisor. Cryptocurrencies are a risky investment, so never enter more than what you are willing to lose !!!

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