What is Golem? – Airbnb for computers

In the sea of ​​cryptocurrencies, it is difficult to choose the right that will offer growth, especially now that Bitcoin continues to be dominating, and its price also dictates the price of other currencies. Golem is one of those projects that offer a finished product and the team that constantly works on this platform and behind this project promises its future price growth.

The fact that the makers of Golem accumulated more than $ 8.5 million for less than half an hour in the ICO tempts many people to invest in this project and it shows how serious it is. But what is Golem, what is its purpose and what is Golem’s purpose in the platform itself you can read in this article below.

What is Golem?

Golem is a cryptocurrency and a platform where it’s possible to buy computer resources. Many people call it Airbnb for computers, as it provides the ability to rent out other computer components to accelerate certain processes. Golem is a decentralized supercomputer that combines the computing power of every machine in its network. In the Golem ecosystem, you can rent your computer’s resources to others if they need to run some computer tasks faster.

As in Airbnb, where you rent a space that you do not use as a residence, you can use the resources of your computer that you do not use for extra earnings on Golem.

But what is Golem really, and does he actually works in the way that he should? It is important to note that the Golem project is not yet in its final state, but it is one of the few cryptocurrencies that already offers a product, that is, a network, and many are classified into the most interesting cryptocurrency on the market.

Golem token (GNT)

The ERC 20 token labeled as GNT is used as money on the decentralized Golem network. You pay the computer power you rent with it, and the maximum amount of possible Golem tokens is 1 billion. Currently, less than 850 million GNT tokens are in circulation.

Progress on the Golem Project and the Team Behind It

Julian Zawistowski leads the Golem project, along with his work as a consultant for the Hoard platform in the video game industry.

The first version of the Golem Network has seen light in August of 2016, and the Golem project is progressing year by year from then. The very idea and purpose of this network is very interesting and sought after, and investors are not afraid for the interest of people for the Golem in the future.

Investing in Golem

Now when you know the answer to what Golem is, we believe that if you are interested in investing in Golem you will be further informed. As noted in the text, Bitcoin still dominates almost 50% of the cryptocurrency market, and its price dictates the rise or fall of other cryptocurrencies.

In the last Bitcoin drop Golem survived and had a relatively small drop in comparison to other cryptocurrencies, and this and the progress of the network itself makes it clear that this is a serious project that offers a lot.

  • Investing in cryptocurrencies is very risky and this text doesn’t need to be taken as a piece of investment advice. Information in this text doesn’t have to be completely accurate, and you need to consult your financial advisor about your financial moves and do not take this text into account when investing. Never invest in the cryptocurrency more than you are willing to lose.

How to buy a Golem?

A detailed tutorial on buying any cryptocurrency can be found in Google search How to Buy Cryptocurrency. The first step is buying a Bitcoin, which you will later exchange for a Golem at some exchange market after you send it.

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