What now ?! Facebook releases Libra cryptocurrency!

A year ago, Facebook blocked all ads for crypto, significantly lowering the price and adoption of Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies generally wide. Today, things are completely different and Mark turns out to be a bit contradictory …

The year 2019 is positive for Bitcoin

A few days ago according to CoinMetrics statistics, Bitcoin surpassed a million daily active addresses, which happened for the first time since the first month of last year. In addition, Bitcoin has grown significantly this year and has recorded growth of just under $ 4 thousand, to over 9 thousand dollars.

Bitcoin 2019 price

Bitcoin 2019th year price

This is already a longer growth trend and many believe that the bull run has begun, and Bitcoin’s price will continue to grow. One of the main reasons for the positive is the Bitcoin halving that will happen in less than a year. The past shows us that the halving has always raised the price, and the reason for this is that halving lower the rewards received by the miners. In the next halving, the prize is reduced from 12.5 to 6.25 Bitcoins per block.

Little HINT: Litecoin halving is in less than 50 days …

Facebook Coin – Libra Coin

Well, let’s go back to the original title of this article and Libra Coin. Yesterday, at 18.06. Facebook published Libra Coin whitepaper.

The Association’s Libra mission is to create a simple world currency and financial infrastructure that empowers billions of people.

According to the report, the world stable coin will be called Libra and will function on a scalable blockchain of the same name. It will be supported by a reserve of funds designed to give value to it. In translation, it is not a cryptocurrency in the true sense.

Stablecoin Libra should facilitate payments across Facebook platforms, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, and this is precisely why this coin could become popular.

How will Libra Coin work on Bitcoin?

I personally think Libra is an attempt by big technology companies, banks, and credit card companies to take people from Bitcoin into their “better, simpler and faster cryptocurrencies”. But the problem is that people do not understand the purpose of the crypts and what their goal is. Libra Coin is nothing more than a simple FIAT currency transmitted in electronics and masked as crypto. This could be fatal to Bitcoin and his vision, but Bitcoin could also be placed in digital gold much faster because of the adoption of this coin. Personally, in the long run, I believe in Bitcoin and its path with a lot of ups and downs, which we have already seen and which will have the opportunity to look at the future again. Keep in mind that always after a sudden increase comes the fall and be ready for it.

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